• Creative Direction

    Creative Direction

    Great art direction involves strategic thinking and tells a story simultaneously with the content. It’s a craft that is both intuitive and scientific, and has the power to emotionally inspire audiences into a state of curiosity that leads to reflection and to taking action.

  • Multi-Disciplinary Design

    Multi-Disciplinary Design

    If you think graphic design involves making things look good and nothing else, then you’ve got it all wrong. Great design is visual AND functional, it messages content, it balances between needs and emotions, and has an incredibly strong sense of purpose.

  • “Eliana isn’t just a graphic designer. She is a thinker. She makes sure that every little detail has a reason for being the way it is. She works hard because she actually cares about the end result. She’s also way too humble for her own good.”

    - Jenny Luong, Art Director
  • “It is with pleasure that I recommend Eliana, who is not only a talented Graphic Designer, but also an Art Director with unique vision. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Eliana again in the future, and strongly recommend her to any future employer who is seeking a talented, capable designer.”

    - Taralyn Carver, Creative Director